About Us

Restore-Photo is a photography service run by MTO Imaging which is a business based in Boston, Lincolnshire.

At Restore-Photo, we are committed to restoring and preserving your precious photographs. We recognise that behind every photo there is a story, and every picture we restore holds a treasured memory that is special to each individual client so we strive to provide a tailored service.


How do I get a quote?

For clients in the Boston area we provide a complimentary collection and delivery service but we also accept countrywide commissions. There are a couple of different ways for you to get a quote if you do not live in the Boston area. You can either scan the photo yourself and email it or upload it to us or you can send the original photograph to us in the post. If you post it then we will give you a quote for the restoration as soon as we receive it. There is no obligation to go ahead with the restoration so if you decline then we will send the photo back to you first class or recorded if you prefer. The easiest way for you to get your photos restored is always the best way for us.

Is my photograph too damaged?

Modern technology enables us to restore images that could otherwise seem beyond repair – it may be that an image that looks severely damaged is only in need of a minor restoration. Please visit our gallery for examples of previous commissions which will help give you an idea of what we can do for you.

What next?

We can provide an unlimited number of prints as well as a framing service on request. We can also provide digital copies of restored images on CD and via email. We give quotations free of charge but for examples of our pricing structure, please look on our Pricing page.


For any queries you might have please do not hesitate to contact us using the details in the Contact Us page.


We take every care to ensure your irreplaceable memories are brought back to their original glory and we look forward to helping you restore your photos.


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